Sketching Methods for Accurate Drawings

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Sketching Methods for Accurate Drawings

What Does This Course Contain?

This course contains tutorials for 4 different sketching methods and tips on how to prepare for a sketch. In total you will complete 6 sketches. That is over 6 hours of clear content. For each sketching tutorial you will get:

  • Complete real time video tutorials.

  • Clear voiceover explanation of my sketching techniques.

  • Downloads of all of the references you need to complete each tutorial.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Preparing for Sketching
    • Editing Your Reference into a Sketch Outline Image
    • What to include in your sketch
    • References
  • 2
    Sketching Method 1 - Using a Monitor (Bonus Sketching Method)
    • Glass Reference
    • Glass Sketching Tutorial
  • 3
    Sketching Method 2 - Grid Method
    • Coca Cola Can Reference
    • Coca Cola Can Sketching Tutorial
  • 4
    Sketching Method 3- Using Reference Points
    • Materials List
    • References for Sketching Methods 1
    • Mouth Sketching Tutorial
    • Flamingo Sketching Tutorial
    • Portrait Sketching Tutorial- Drawing Emma Watson
  • 5
    Sketching Method 4 - Freehand Sketching
    • References for Kingfisher Sketch
    • Kingfisher Sketching Tutorial