Realistic Animals in Charcoal

Patreon Tutorial Bundle

I have put together some of my favourite realistic animal charcoal drawings, from my patreon, so that you can learn all of the techniques you need in one place.

Follow along with me as we draw a deer, elephant, lemur, and an alligator. This is the perfect course for beginners, as well as more advanced charcoal artists. You will be drawing photorealistic animals before you know it!

What Does This Course Contain?

This course contains real time tutorials for 4 full animal charcoal drawings. That is over 9 hours of clear content. For each charcoal drawing you will get:

  • Complete real time video tutorial with clear voiceover explanation of my charcoal drawing techniques.

  • Downloads of the reference image and initial sketch outline.

  • Materials List

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Deer Charcoal Drawing
    • Realistic Deer Drawing - Full Real Time Tutorial
    • Materials list
    • Deer Reference & Sketch Outline
  • 2
    Elephant Charcoal Drawing
    • Realistic Elephant Drawing: Part 1- Base layer of Shading
    • Realistic Elephant Drawing: Part 2- Blending
    • Realistic Elephant Drawing: Part 3- Adding details & highlights
    • Elephant Reference & Sketch Outline
    • Materials List
  • 3
    Alligator Charcoal Drawing
    • Realistic Alligator Drawing: Part 1- Blocking in the shadows
    • Realistic Alligator Drawing: Part 2- Blending and shading in the background
    • Realistic Alligator Drawing: Part 3- Adding Details & Highlights
    • Alligator Reference & Sketch Outline
    • Materials List
  • 4
    Lemur Charcoal Drawing
    • Realistic Lemur Drawing- Full Real Time Tutorial
    • Materials List
    • Lemur Reference & Sketch Outline


  • Deer drawing

    Judith Drouen

    I am going to draw the deer drawing. I don't need much stuff for a nice result! 😃

    I am going to draw the deer drawing. I don't need much stuff for a nice result! 😃

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  • Kirsty Partridge

    Kirsty Partridge

    Kirsty Partridge is a self-taught artist who specializes in creating photo-realistic drawings with charcoal and colored pencil, as well as more expressive paintings with watercolor. Kirsty has over 850,000 subscribers on her art channel on YouTube, Kirsty Partridge Art and has built a 6 figure business from her art. In her videos, Kirsty teaches her drawing and painting techniques. In total, her art channel has amassed over 43 million views. However, business for Kirsty really started to boom 2 years ago when she decided to offer in depth real time art tutorials on Patreon and art courses.