Skin in Coloured Pencil

Available now as part of The Legacy Art Class Collection.

My entire collection of skin coloured pencil classes are now included in my Legacy Art Class Collection, click the button below to learn more.
The Legacy Art Class Collection

What Does This Course Contain?

This course contains over 6 hours of real time tutorials. For each tutorial you will get:

  • Complete real time video tutorial with clear voiceover explanation of my drawing techniques.

  • Downloads of any reference images and initial sketch outlines you need.

  • Materials list for skin studies

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Choosing Colours for Skintones
    • References
    • Picking colours for skin tones- using swatches
    • References 2
    • How to choose colours for skintones- using a system
  • 2
    How to Draw Skin- Beginner Basic Techniques
    • Reference
    • Practising drawing skin- getting accurate skintone colours
  • 3
    Older Skin Study with Wrinkles
    • Older Skin Study Resources
    • Drawing older skin with wrinkles- real time tutorial
  • 4
    Skin with Freckles Drawing Tutorial
    • Skin with Freckles Resources
    • Drawing skin with freckles- real time tutorial
  • 5
    Darker Skin Tone Study- Drawing Tutorial
    • Darker Skin Resources
    • Drawing a darker skin tone with wrinkles- real time tutorial